Kizzy Moreira

Kizzy Moreira is a hands-on artist with many talents. Kiki was born and raised in Brazil, where she started working in the beauty world while still very young, in a small town. A few years later, she moved to a big city and had the opportunity to start studying hair styling and work in the most luxurious hair salon in the city. And from that moment on, she did not stop. Kiki developed specializations in blond hair, balayage, highlights, hair restoration and natural curly hair when nobody else was talking about it! Working with photographers, film makers and magazines, she developed an special eye for makeup, eyebrows design and elegant styles for weddings and photography. She also brought us the unique, exclusive and original Brazilian sugar wax!

In 2013, Kiki volunteered to travel to Nicaragua taking her community project “Beauty to the world”and shared her knowledge with the community of La Isla de las Viudas (widows island) to give them the opportunity of starting their own business.

 While there she also opened her own beauty salon in a touristic area, where she had the opportunity to work with people from around the world, what amplified her knowledge about all kinds of hair textures and cultures, and acted successfully for many years.

Kiki says that she loves working in the beauty world because of the positive impact it makes on someone’s self-esteem and confidence, she assures that every encounter is an exchange of good energy and amazing experiences.